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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Super Saturday Radioplay: The Amazing Spider-Man

This week, we travel to 1995, and to BBC Radio 1's adaptation of Spider-Man. This show includes a music track from Queen's Brian May, and was a modernization of Spidey's earliest comic books (Plotted by Stan Lee). This might as well be called "The Fantastic Four featuring Spider-Man" as the FF are actually quite prominent throughout the play, with a couple of their comics also being adapted). Originally the play was cut into daily 3-minute segments on the radio stations Drivetime show, with each week focusing on a single comic book adaptation, with the overarching story making up the play in full when played in one go. There was both a single release with Brain May's theme for the show (with multiple mixes including a "Brown Trousers" and a "White Trousers" mix) and the whole radioplay on a double CD. Unfortunately the BBC have lost the rights to reissue the audio, but here it is for your listening pleasure.


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