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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Announcement: Nerdsphere 3.0 is coming...

Hello people, this is Timey, the Mad Idiot in Charge. Over the past few days, we have had problems with our servers on the forum. Because of these problems, our webhost, Madmooseforums, will be closing the forum on the 19th April. Is this the end? Hell no. This coming friday (12th April), we will be launching a brand new forum on a new webhost, with exciting new features including full Social Media Log In, interaction and a Shoutbox to chat with. All the current podcasts are being archived into the new site right now. I'm also going to look into linking things to our Youtube reviewers, making this a full "Nerdsphere Network" in more ways than one. We're still developing the forum, so a launch here and now just isn't possible, but Madmoose's foul up has actually worked well in our favour. I'm truly sorry that this means we're basically starting at ground zero, but I hope to see every one of our posters and listeners on the new site, and maybe even a few new faces too. I would like to thank Andrew Turnbull, Grufflock, Mellski and Nemesis Scourge for their help over the last few hours. We're not done yet, but I guarantee you that when were done, there will be a website that even your grandmothers would be proud of. I'll be contacting the podcasters within the hour to begin a full migration onto the new site. I'll be providing a link to the new forum on launch day, and this blog will be connected likewise. The old forum will still be in place for a week until it's eventual shutdown. Until then, it's business as usual, so feel free to continue to post there. As a teaser, we have already changed our logo on the blog to that of the new forum. Hope you like. Big thank you to KhaosEnvy for the new banner. Again, sorry for all this, but needs must. Blame technology. It's all gonna get bigger and better from here on in!


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