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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Action Matinee (Sunday Edition): Ming Dynasty

Flash Gordon, Chapter 8: Tournament of Death

The Phantom, Chapter 8: In Quest for the Keys

Mandrake the Magician, Chapters 9 & 10: "Terror Rides the Rails" and "The Unseen Monster"

Due to Mandrake's videos now showing two chapters instead of one, we'll be wrapping up the serial early and the last installment will be next week. In order to see if anybody's paying any attention to the blog (So far, evidence is proving yet nobody is, but I'm enjoying SAM anyway), I'm leaving the choice to you guys as to a replacement. Your choices are: Green Hornet, King of the Rocket Men or Black Hawk. Just send a Tweet to @Timey2Wimey with your choice!


RatherOddRanger said...

I wouldn't say no to Green Hornet, need to get the taste of that Seth Rogan movie out of my mouth.

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