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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Old Oilhouse - The Art Of Noise EP 3: Real Time Sillyness

This weeks theme is the RTS Genre, and we welcome JiiDee into the guest seat.

Download and Comment HERE

Track Listing
Stronghold Crusader Music - Caravan
Amiga music- Utopia (music 4 - intro)
HomeWorld 2 SoundTrack - Battle Sajuuk
Dune II The Building of a Dynasty (PC) - Evil Harkonnen
Emperor Battle for Dune - Harkonnen- War for the Spice
Herzog Zwei - There is no Time to Lose [Genesis] Music
C&C Red Alert music (Hell March)
Dungeon Keeper - Horned Reaper Theme
Warcraft II music Orcs
Echoes of War - Eradicate and Evolve
Total Annihilation Soundtrack - Fire and Ice
Mega lo Mania (amiga) Intro
Supreme Commander - There will be peace (music)
Empire Earth - Shadows
Warhammer 40,000- Dawn of War Soundtrack - Ork Theme


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