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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stardub - Episode 59: The Penis Is Evil!

Welcome back to the Stardub podcast gentle listener. Ralph and Andy kick off the latest effort, with some handwringing about collecting as one of them attempts to justify buying the Titan Class Metroplex to their other half. They then move on to a most unconventional dramatic reading (the first of many) of the novelisation of ZARDOZ!

Andy shares with us the Battle of the Planets TV Comic Special from 1983 (harass him on twitter to scan and upload this rarity as it does have the first meeting between Zoltar and 7-Zark-7) and Ralph bitches about Alex Ross's revival of BOTP and the pair lament about the loss of comic book specials in the UK.

We then move on to the legend that is Peter's Pocket Grandpa from the last ever The Dandy Summer Special before reviewing an issue of the Beano and leaving you on an exciting cliffhanger...

Available from HERE or to download via iTunes.


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