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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stardub - Episode 60: Going In the Groin

Not a typo, not a misspelling, in this podcast one of our hosts reads an informative leaflet on how to inject drugs in your groin, courtesy of the other's real life job. Don't say we don't teach you anything here at Stardub Central.

IIIIT'S CHRISTMAS if you happen to be in a supermarket at this time of year and our intrepid team take a taste challenge once more, and it's the return of Freddo to the podcast, with some Freddo Bars with popping candy and the despair inducing Freddo Faces, possibly the bleakest confectionery you may ever partake of.

Licensed to Thrill – The Marvel Super Heroes Sweet Treat Surprise Bag, what amazing crap can the team expect, and will there be magnets?

In a vain attempt to raise the level of intellectual discourse we turn to a few issues of the Classics Illustrated series published by First Comics in the early 1990's. Naturally any conversation of comics somehow finds it's way to Shatter and Batman: Digital Justice and why they aren't available digitally. Then a nice wee rant about DC Comics. Hell, everyone else is doing it so lets' hop on the bandwagon.

Rounding off the podcast, finally Andy gets to inflict a Taste Challenge on Ralph as he introduces him to the world of CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS!!!

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