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Friday, December 27, 2013

He-Man & She-Ra - A Christmas Special - COMMENTARY

At the Royal Palace, King Randor and Queen Marlena watch as Eternians and Etherians alike decorate and prepare for the upcoming birthday celebration in honor of Prince Adam and Princess Adora.

Meanwhile Adam and Man-At-Arms are busy setting up the Sky Spy; a new spaceship that will allow them to watch Skeletor's every move. A curious Orko climbs into the Sky Spy and accidentally starts the engines. Within moments he finds himself and the ship being pursued high above the skies of Eternia by Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. He-Man and She-Ra prevent Skeletor from capturing the Sky Spy, but they are unable to reach the ship, as it suddenly hits warp speed, vanishing from sight.

After crashlanding on the planet Earth Orko saves a young brother and sister, Miguel and Alicia, from an avalanche. Back on Eternia the heroes realize that Orko was in the Sky Spy when it launched. Man-At-Arms reveals that he can bring Orko back with a transport beam, but requires a Kerium Water Crystal in order to power it; a crystal not located on Eternia.

Adora transforms into She-Ra, and with Swift Wind heads to Etheria. Mermista informs She-Ra that a pool within the Old Ruins is where the crystal can be found, but the Beastmonster guards it. She-Ra, Swift Wind, and Mermista are successful in overpowering the Beastmonster and obtain the crystal. As Mermista departs the Monstroids appear and imprison She-Ra and Swift Wind. The villainous robots leave for Monstroid Central, enabling She-Ra to escape.

Back on Earth the children tell Orko about Christmas. When Man-At-Arms' transport beam activates, Orko and the children walk towards the light, and all three appear on Eternia. As the water crystal cannot be recharged for a few days, Queen Marlena declares that Adam and Adora's birthday will double as a Christmas celebration so that Alicia and Miguel will not miss out.

Meanwhile on Horde World, Horde Prime is furious that a new spirit of goodness has arrived on Eternia. He summons Hordak and Skeletor, and commands them to destroy the spirit of Christmas.

On Eternia, Bow and Perfuma entertain the children, but their enjoyment is short-lived when Hordak captures Alicia, Miguel, and Orko. On his way back to Etheria, Hordak encounters the Monstroids who take the children for their own, fully aware that Horde Prime wants them.

He-Man and She-Ra visit Peekablue who uses her special vision to inform them that the children have been captured by the Monstroids. Orko and the children are freed from their jail cell by Cutter, one of the Manchines. Orko, Cutter, Alicia and Miguel leap aboard Cutter's cousin, Zipper, and attempt to escape the Monstroids.

Just when it appears they will be captured, He-Man, She-Ra and Swift Wind appear, and with the help of the Manchines defeat the giant transforming robots. As the heroes celebrate their victory Skeletor captures Alicia and Miguel and zooms away on his War Sled. Hordak follows Skeletor and blasts him out of the sky, but not before Skeletor can prevent Hordak from giving chase.

Determined not to stay in one place, Skeletor orders the children to walk ahead through the snowy tundra. However the children are cold and weak, and the Manchines' puppy, Relay, cannot move through the thick snow. Skeletor feels a little compassion and gives the children coats and carries Relay himself. The children tell Skeletor about Christmas, but he does not seem to understand the concept.

He-Man and She-Ra appear to save the children, but so too does Hordak and an army of Horde Troopers. Hordak deflects one of Skeletor's blasts back at the Lord of Destruction, and the villain is knocked to the ground. Horde Prime arrives and prepares to take the children. A confused Skeletor, motivated by the spirit of Christmas, saves the children. He-Man and She-Ra throw Horde Prime's ship back to Horde World. A perplexed Skeletor is reassured by She-Ra that Christmas only comes once a year.


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