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Friday, April 18, 2014

Shut Up and Watch This! - Episode 129: Commentary Roulette Easter Special

It's Easter! Time to bring an old show back from retirement. No it's not a re-upload, it's brand spanking new! Join Timey as he drags Logan Blaze, Becca Doxy and newcomer Hippobot / Colin Duff kicking and screaming into a brand new round of Commentary Roulette!

If you want to play along at home, here is the list of the damned:
  1. Bob
  2. Cyclone
  3. Daddy
  4. Blue
  5. Plane
  6. Sheriff
  7. Dread
  8. Bully
  9. Vial
  10. Iron
Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes


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