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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shut Up and Watch This! - Out of Control Guyvercast (Episode 6) - Terminal Battle! The Fall of Chronos Japan!

Team Guyvercast return for this month's merry romp! Timey, Simon & the Two Pauls chit chat over the final episode of "Season One" of the Guyver OVA series! An episode so great, not even the makers could decide what the episode title was called! Timey is also incredibly tired after a heavy bulk podcast recording, so he be might be somewhat broken. He might've also fallen asleep somewhere in the recording. See if you can spot it!

After the end music, you get not one, but TWO bonus clips! Aren't you lucky?

See you in July as we kick off "Season 2" or as we've come to call it "The better written, but poorly executed half" (yay!)

Download the episode HERE, or subscribe via iTunes


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