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Friday, October 24, 2014

Back to the Eighties - Episode 202

Back to the Eighties welcomes a very special guest this week, as AJ Locascio, voice of none other than Marty McFly in the Telltale Back to the Future games drops by! Yes folks, one of the few people to play one of our favourite characters is in the house! AJ talks about his role as Marty in the games, how he came to be interested in films to begin with, and even his love of nostalgia (and BTTF, Indiana Jones, Ninja Turtles...the list goes on...) We'd all like to thank AJ for his time and hope that he'd like to come on the show again in the future!

We also have your homework about things you'd like to see INNNNN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE, and also have a good old natter about wrestling. So join us please, as we go the Eighties.

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