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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Control Zone - Episode 27.5 Bonus – End of Year Music Special!

To celebrate our first year, we hope you enjoy a collection of some of the finest Video Game Music from the past, present and future!

We all at The Control Zone Podcast would like to thank all of you for listening in 2014 and look forward to the coming year.

Happy New Year everyone!

# Song Game
Intro Green Hill Zone Theme Sonic Generations
1 Zug nach Hamburg Wolfenstein: The New Order
2 Short Change Hero Borderlands 2
3 Unforgotten Halo 3
4 Mad World (Extended Version) Gears of War
5 Mother Evolve
6 Immigrant Song Destiny
7 Gusty Garden Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy
8 Take Us Back The Walking Dead
9 Space Harrier Theme Space Harrier
10 GTA 3 Theme GTA 3
11 Salute Your Solution COD Advanced Warfare
12 How Do I Craft this again Minecraft Parody Song
13 Way Back Home Fallout 3
14 Little Big Planet Theme Little Big Planet Theme
15 Super Mario Bros Theme Super Mario Bros
16 Welcome to Rapture Bioshock
17 The Price of Freedom Crisis Core” Final Fantasy VII
18 The Bomb Dead Island 2
19 Everybody Wants to Rule the World Assassin’s Creed: Unity
20 The Last of Us Ending Theme The Last of Us

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