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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Back to the Eighties - Episode 222

The Boys from the Dwarf are here this week, and it's up to Paula to spotlight them!

She's joined by Jii, Sam, Becca, Glenn and our Very Special Guest Star Harriett from Manga Girl Photography ( who joins us again for fun and frolics 3 million years in the future, where there's nothing much to do aside from play unicycle polo and make sugar puff sandwiches...

There's also news, lots of news, oodles of news. News. From all around the nerdy world, including Transformers, MOTU, Turtles, Thunderbirds, Star Wars and even some cool DC figure news! News.

So join us won't you, as we attempt to teach you what to call Rimmer, and try to avoid making Mr Flibble cross.

Boys from the Dwarf.

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