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Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Nerdsphere Awards 2011

Well folks, with this being the first day of the New Year, it's time to give out the highly anticipated (possibly) 2011 Nerdsphere Network Awards.

Without any further ado:

Unsung Hero Award - NEMESIS SCOURGE

Since day one of the Nerdsphere site, Nemmy has been there in the background, working away to keep both forums and blog running smoothly. Nemmy has been a humble member of the team throughout, fixing links and tags relentlessly in the background, and whilst the louder members of The Nerdsphere may have taken centre stage, it would not be there if not for Nemmy. So, thank you for all the work.


What can be said of the Soulmaniac? A down to earth, honest man who wears his heart on his sleeve. A man who no single person could say anything negative about? A man who has talent to spare and more, both in his artwork, and in his blog? All this and much more than this author has the ability to say. Mr Williams is, and always has been a treasure to this fandom, and a man that I am proud to call a friend. All in all, a top bloke.


It seems that half the shows on the Nerdsphere can be classified as “best”. Weather it's Glenn, Phill and The Jer-Bear on Back to the Eighties, Slick and Nic on Random Fandom, and whoever Gruffy has bribed to appear on one of the many Old Oilhouse shows, this can only go to show that good times are ahead for all the shows of the Nerdsphere. Good work to everyone involved, and good luck for the future.

Best Shut Up and Watch This! Roundtable - KAMEN RIDER OOO ROUNDTABLE

With only one vote more than second place (Doctor Who 6.2), This looked to be a close race. However, with Kamen Rider becoming more entrenched in the various fandoms that surround the Nerdsphere, it was no real surprise that this is the show that walked with the award. Possibly there was a certain Internet Personality that drew the numbers in? Speaking of which...

Best Shut Up and Watch This! Co-Host - TIE: JIIDEE and VANGELUS

Who would have guessed the company that Timey would have kept this year for his Shut Up and Watch This series of roundtables? Ranging from this very writer, a Welsh Palaeontologist from Ireland, the esteemed host of WTF@TFW and Captain Stabby himself. It was the two latter who won the award, with a tie. Vangelus for his part on the Kamen Rider shows, and Jii for the sheer volume of work, blood, sweat and tears shed this year. Don't worry, it was someone else’s blood.

Best Non-Nerdsphere Podcast Brand - WTF@TFW2005

Narrowly beating out Full Metal Heroes' Moonbase2, Vangelus and company walk away with the award for best Non-Nerdsphere Podcast Brand. This show has been going since 2008, and shows no sign of slowing down. WTF@TFW could well be the template that all the Transformers Podcasts have worked from since.


In a year that unleashed many new toylines (Thundercats) or continuations of older lines given a new run (G.I. Joe), Transformers dominated the votes. Be it the DOTM deluxes, the smaller Cyberverse line, or the sadly now-ended Generations, Transformers shows once again that it's hold on the nostalgia centres of older fans and the imaginations of the new arrivals to the fandom continues as strong as ever.

Best Video Game of 2011 - BATMAN ARKHAM CITY

Sonic Generations came in close, and in a surprise move, tied with Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, but the lure of being The God-Damned Batman seemed to draw in the votes. No real surprise, Rocksteady's Caper Crusader-Em-Up has had good reviews from all quarters, and shows that the Comic-Based Game has more life in it that Ra's Al Ghul on a Thursday Lazarus Pit Night.

Best Cartoon of 2011 - THUNDERCATS

It just pipped Transformers: Prime and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to the win. But win it did, and to no-one's real surprise. Thundercats 2011 is a gorgeously animated show, with more world building than would ever be expected. It's detractors have mentioned it's slow story movement, but in the humble opinion of this writer, it's not to the shows detriment.

Best new Animé Series of 2011 - PERSONA 4: THE ANIMATION

In a poll steeped in controversy, mostly due to the sheer amount of animé out there, ergo a lot of debate rose as to our selection process (We were never really going to make everybody happy, lets be honest), it was video-game-franchise-turned ongoing animé series Persona 4 that became the surprise hit, beating popular new shows such as Tiger & Bunny.

Best Toku Series of 2011 - KAMEN RIDER OOO

In a close call between itself and "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger", OOO takes the award for best Toku series of 2011. With it's strong supporting cast (Secondary Rider Akira Date won "Best Character" over the main protagonist, whilst Ankh won best Greeed), and storyline that elevated itself with each passing month, this was no surprise. Count the medals, One, two and three!"

Biggest Surprise of 2011 - MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC

Who would've thought that a reimagination of a popular girl's toy franchise would draft in so many MEN amongst it number of fans?! Dubbed "Bronies", this show has attracted an insane fan following, and has more than earned it's own award right here.

Biggest Numpty of 2011 - TIME LORD

'Nuff said really.

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