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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

[REVIEW] Tricky Tweets Transformers Armada!

One man. One show. 52 episodes. 24 hours. Our very own Tricky decided to watch the entire series in one go. He also decided tweet his findings. Collected here are his musings throughout the 24 hours.

*Preperations for Armada tuesday are complete Snacks in place, consecutive tasks prepared. Will probably start sometime between 8-9am tomorow

*Slightly later than planned but Armada Tuesday is go, First encounter

*Ok 15mins in and Megatron shows up cosplaying as skorponok...1 minicon discovered so far #armada

*From the character designs the only transformer i recognise so far is hotshot #armada

*Wow Rad its like your recapping what happened in ep 1 for anyone who missed it #armada

*YAAAY the star of the series just turned up, behold the glory of leader 1 . 4 minicons found #armada

*totally forgot prime combined with his trailer in this....kinda want the toy now #armada

*still waiting to see who the ambulance / police car autobot is #armada

*ahh its red alert, tinfoil hats ahoy #armada

*i know this is a 3 parter that was split up for tv but STOP RECAPPING STUFF RAD #armada

*A second cup of tea just arrived to fortify me. thanks @anneb42

*oh god the autobots are fist bumping...nobody show them the budweiser wasssup adverts i beg you #armada

*"this old thing it was my dads way back in the 80's" screw you Carlos, just screw you #armada #old

*im kinda digging megatrons galactus hat. he's totally pulling it off #armada

*laserbeak is one ugly ugly UGLY bot and toy #armada

*Redalert just scoused the kids up with some sweet shell suits #armada

*wait primes minicon is also called leader 1...or did he say elita confused 6 minicons found #armada

*Is that the minicon signal or scrillex's latest release #armada

*starscream just fell down a gorge...but he can fly,...wait...what???? #armada

*Starscream has a minicon, megalomania activated. 8 minicons found #armada

*Thats 6 episodes down, this is where I gave up previously. Ep 7 carnival is now playing #bravenewworld

*I really need to stop looking at ebay whilst watching #armada I just bought 10 preview wave microchange kreons for £23

*so Demolisher finally gets a minicon and megatron just goes "GIMMIE YOUR MINICON...AND YOUR LUNCH MONEY" poor bonecrusher #armada

*Wow so nothings really happened for the last couple of episodes. Alexis is being a bitch and smokescreen rocked up, thats about it #armada

*oh man were off to atlantis #armada

*Primes vehicle mode sprung a leak...hang on primes water tight..???

*did. did megatron just transform his groin into a cannon??? yes, yes he did #armada

*And the search for the starsaber begins..also Carlos needs to stop thinking with his dick. What are you going to do with a hologram? #armada

*seriously 12 episodes in and your explaining the ideological differences between the autobots and decepticons...hell this is slow #armada

*why are the decepticons printing out the autobots coordinates...guys your robots you really should have a paperless office #armada

*it just got real here, scavangers shown up dressed as a ronin and schooled hotshot taking the starsaber #armada

*@Grufflock just finnished ep 15. its getting better, but its not great sideways has just turned up 14 minicons found #armada

*Starscream just went all he man on us with the starsaber teehee #armada

*ahahaa ha ha ha a badly wounded hotshot doesnt need a medic he needs tech support...that broke me :) #armada

*whaaaaaaaaaat scavangers an autobot!¬!!!???!¬!!???? does that make any sense #armada

*finally some intrigue 2 burried kids the autobots can easily save them if they transform but the camera crews are there Im hooked #armada

*very confused. they rescued the kids without transforming then needlessly changed form exposing themselves for no reason #armada

*I'm terrified alexis is going to snap and rape carloss #armada

*We have cars on a racetrack and all im seeing is pole position #armada

*I've not looked but i'm guessing theres a LOT of slash fiction based around powerlinking yes? #armada

*uh oh foreshadowing. the energy generated from using the starsaber on the skyboom has headed off into space.....#armada

*just worked out Armada is 19 and a bit hrs long so i wont finnish it today, will have to keep going tomorow #armada #damn

*Starscreams getting a bit uppity here, I'm expecting Megatron to bitch slap him anytime soon #armada

*wow everyone just got wizard of oz'd black and white to colour and everything #armada

*Ok so Thrust is megatrons BFF and is gonna whip the other cons into shape...this is going to end badly isnt it #armada

*26 episodes down, Jetfires discussion of powlinking with optimus has the gayest overtones ive seen in animation. #armada

*we seem to have a clip show here..tempted to skip it #armada

*OK so sideways is neither autobot or decepticon, just an unaligned guy...ok i guess #armada

*This is just getting silly now. Can anyone plug into anyone else to become a hyperpowered robot? this is pointless and kinda dull #armada

*phone call from my dad interrupted both my dinner and #armada tuesday back on track now. Episode 31 wheeljacks after revenge

*this wheeljack really is due a win #armada

*why is thrust bandaged up??? whats that about #armada

*Megatron has one pimp ass throne #armada

*Hot damn something happened, Smokescreen sacraficed himself and prime let out one hell of a compassionate "Noooo" good ep. #armada

*what the hell happened, this series just kicked into gear after 34 episodes...Starcream has the starsaber and shits going down #armada

*Looks like i'll have 10 episodes to finnish tomorow If I can get 6 more watched tonight #armada

*The guys helped sow starscreams polishing rag together & even have the needle pricks to prove it...its childish but i did snigger #armada

*thrust is an annoying dork #armada

*@Grufflock 39 of 52 Megatron has the hydra blaster and starscream is having a crisis of concience

[Ralph & Adam convince Tricky, before Midnight, to stay up after he starts to think about bed. Tricky agrees to stay up until at least 3am]

*primes a proper politician here "I know what i did doesnt make sense right now, but in time it will" Screw you prime I want results #armada

*did, did prime just dissintergrate... #armada

*Ep 40 just started..12 left after this #armada

*ok I'm going to power through. 2 reasons. 1 I dont have to get up and keep watching this stuff, 2 Has anyone else watched it in one sitting?

*episode 41 has rebranded the show as #armada the unicron battles for some reason

*meanwhile Ive swiitched to headphones andkilled the lights. if i stop tweeting i probably fell asleep. Lets see if I can finnish this

*what??? suddenly rad has parents #armada

*rad if your going to explain to your parents that youve been helping a group of aliens in there civil war DONT WAKE THEM UP TO DO SO #armada

*wow the axilon is one phallic ship #armada

*the titles have changed, so i see prime isnt dead after all. #armada

*I was keeping a tally of how many minicons had been found...then they flew through a cloud of them so screw that #armada

*42 episodes in and FINALLY the chaos bringer is coming

*erm sparkplug seems to have the matrix...was it just laying around in a closet somewhere? #armada

*I doubt #armada will ever be shown on the looks terrible. would need work even for a dvd release

*oooh nemesis prime, wasnt expecting him #armada

*so reformatting, we now have galvatron...not certain why #armada

*ep 45 started, starting to flag a bit now, but the storys improved enough to keep me interested #armada

*of all the things to take from beast machines you pick the organic core of cybertron...really, you thought that was yhe cool thing #armada

*damn son, thrust just capped searscream and sent rad back inti the past...ermmmm what?#armada

*I have no idea what i just saw..nut time rewound and everythings ok now #armada

*last 6 eps now, 2 hours or so and im done #armada

*LUNAR 1 IS UNICRON !!!!!!!! #armada If cybertron is primus he will dwarf him

*this series just gave up any pretense of caring about what was going on and just went for fights with explosions #armada

*starscreams dead again #armada

*oh god there are still another 102 episodes of energon and cybertron after i finnish this....damnit #armada

*i remember when this series was about freedom for minicons...that was about 3 hours ago #armada

*galvatron just set up a quango to determine unicrons weakness' #jobsfortheboys #armada

*cyclonus is enjoyably batshit crazy. #armada

*last 3 eps...about an hour and i'm done #armada

*im guessing this is a 3 episode battle in which unicron eventually gets vanguished hang on hoist has found his thermal exhaust port #armada

*50 episodes in and there still not certain what the requiem blasters called #armada

*thrust just got smushed by unicron. by my count that just leaves sideways and unicron to sort out #armada

*last 2...almost there now

*yup sideways is unicron...seemed as such when he devolved from the decepticons...felt cosmic energy-y #armada

*uh oh getting a "kids will kill unicron with love" vibe about this thing #armada

*rad has this weird timetravel ability thats not yet explained, what the hell is going on #armada

*Sideways is down, apparently friendship IS magic...who'd have thunk it #armada *Oh galvatron you massive cock,,,#armada

*OK last episode is playing. I sat down in this chair at 9am yesterday and its now 3:47 the following day. #armada

*I'm gonna log off this pc, watch the ;ast ep then post my thouhts on the series tomorow morning. #armada

[7 hours later]

*Morning guys. I stared into the maw of the old ones and lived

*Thoughts on Armada. The overall concept of a third race of transformers caught between the autobots and decepticons is a great idea

*But its so very very badly plotted and executed

*The last 12 episodes are a totally different story. suddenly your not fighting for the minicons freedom, your trying to kill their dad

*The first 30 eps or so are kinda pointless. people turn up, chamge sides and do things with no consequences

*Then starscream develops a character and it gets interesting..till he forgets about it and goes back to megatron

*Then it all comes back to him and he gives his life to unite prime and megs.. probably the most interesting character in the thing.

*After a while I took solace in the constants. Red alert and cyclonus do not change at all. Reds dull as a bag of hammers, cyclonus is nuts

*The thing that annoyed me most was when one episode ends at one point..then the next picks up somewhere completely different no explanaition

*This was not a good series...but it did give us combining microns (which i utterly love) I will probably buy the 4 combining teams

*And finally, I am going to buy a hotshot. He will stand on my shelf as a guardian of sanity so that i dont do this with cybertron & energon

*Probably more when ive woken up and processed it all, but thanks to all who tweeted at me during it, helped keep me sane

These were copy and pasted ver batem from Tricky's Twitter feed. You can follow the insanely dedicated one @Tricky1414.


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