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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shut Up and Watch This! - Commentary Roulette Episode 3: Censored Old Men

NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded in April, but due to the loss of the audio, has not been able to be uploaded until now.

In the show where anything can and will happen, your criminal mastermind, Timey is joined by BTTE's The Rod and Gary (from the now defunct Happy Hour podcast) as well as newcomer Fudgecrumpet as they ler themselves in for nostalgia, both wanted and unwanted, as well as a little casual racism from old man Phil.
  1. Kettle
  2. Screamer
  3. Sequel
  4. Juice
  5. Geoff
  6. Defend
  7. Bikinis
  8. Brain
  9. Cultist
  10. Mars
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