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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Super Action Matinee: Oh yeah, we've got this to wrap up still, huh?

After an absence of nearly a month, SAM is back! Gonna spend the next few days wrapping up the serials, then it's goodbye SAM. A lovely idea for the blog, but there just isn't a viewer-ship for it. Sad, but true. For this reason, I'm also dropping Green Hornet to focus on simply finishing the serials. We say goodbye today to Captain Marvel (Played by Tom Tyler, who also played The Phantom). Stay tuned next time as we say goodbye to Flash Gordon!

Batman, Chapter 12 - Embers of Evil

Superman, Chapter 12 - Blast in the Depths

The Adventures of Captain Marvel, Chapter 12 - Captain Marvel's Secret

Flash Gordon, Chapter 12 - Trapped in the Turret

The Phantom, Chapter 12 - The Fangs of the Beast


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